Saturday, July 4, 2015

Waddling today: Tips!

So it is decided that when you see me I'll give you a free membership code.

To serve as your guide to find me, check out the chat box at the bottom part of our website.

And remember the details:

Penguin Name: Rock A Star1
Server: Iceberg
Room: Random (You need to find me)

Just chat me your username and when I see you in the room with me, I'll message you the membership code.

I'll be online till 11AM (Blog Time)

Goodluck and Waddle On!

[Owner] / [Co-Master] Chillax

Waddling around today

Yes, I would be waddling around Club Penguin today.

Since I wouldn't do anything much today.
So the details are:

Server: Iceberg
Time: 7:20 AM
Place: Just look for me :D

My penguin name is Rock A Star1.
Hope to see you all and wishing you the very best.

I might giveaway Membership codes later.

And as always, Waddle On!

Chillax :)