Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Club Penguin Membership Promotion by Gary Rookie

Sorry for being very inactive!
For that, Our boss, Gary Rookie, decided to make a contest/promotion on Club Penguin Membership!!!

Yes, you need to WIN it! and we're only accepting 4 winners!
1 winner of the 6 months membership code and
3 winners of the 1 month membership code.

Are you ready to take the form?
So, here it is! I bet you are super excited ;)
Here: www.tinyurl.com/CPromotion2013

Posted by Debdra60 and Camera1
and the form is made by Chillax and Membership222

Saturday, May 11, 2013

ClubCpCheats Admin Team Back!!

Yes! You heard it right! "We" are officially back!!
And with some Bad News and Good News!

-Our CPPS "Penguin Oasis" is back!
-Furniture and Igloo adder will be posted in 30 minutes!

-Admin Application will be open tomorrow!! (All who already applied will be saved)

And good news for me! Me, MEMBERSHIP222 is now an admin. YAY!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ClubCpCheats News and Updates =)

Very Sorry because our Staff is not very active !
I'm just a moderator and I was given a chance to post in this blog. So this is my first post on the blog =) YAY!
So I have bad news and good news for you guys!!

 - The Admins are Very Very Very BUSY!! So they can't post for the meantime
- The furniture adder and the igloo adder will be posted tomorrow (sorry for the wait)
- No Games, Contest, and other cool stuffs until the Admins are not busy anymore !! (This is a really bad news for all of us *even me)
- They are almost done finishing their work. It means that, they won't be busy anymore in maybe 5 days =)
- The 2 Moderators (MEMBERSHIP222, and Qwerty54) will be taking over the blog while the Admins are busy.
- The CPPS is now/still ACTIVE !!
- Some games will be developed by me and Qwerty54 when one of the admins/the owner allowed us.
- Our membership contest will be developed when the Admins are not busy anymore.

This is just the NEWS for the time =) and viewers, to develop our membership contest, you need to be VERY ACTIVE . PLEASE VIEWERS, WE NEED YOU <3 !!