Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our CPPS now released and now popular!

Yeah, we are now sharing our CPPS!!
Sorry if it take a while before we can share it but here it is!

On this post, we will not be giving the link but you need to click the page "Our CPPS" at the top :)

Good Luck! And we hope you'll be enjoying on the "Oasis"

~The CLUBCPCHEATS Team and Tybone10

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Very Huge Thank You, Once Again!

Oh Em Giee...
I can't believe March is a very fast month!
And yes, we already got 6,425 Views!
For me, MARCH was the best and worst month for me.

It was best because we are able to maintain our domain,our cheats, to upgrade our site and for the views!

It was the worst because we are not active at that month :(
We are not active due to upgrading our site.
But we make sure that this month we'll be always active and have the best time with you.

Once again, Thank You for sharing this site to everyone and keeping this site veeeeeeery active.

And here are the list of the countries that view are site often (rank)

Here are them:
United States - 2240 Views
India - 650 Views
United Kingdom - 569 Views
Philippines - 560 Views
Canada - 516 Views
Austrailia - 241 Views
Iceland - 133 Views
Brazil - 72 Views
United Arab Emirates - 66 Views
Romania - 61 Views
And all other countries that visited our site!

~Posted by Chillax and Qwerty54

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Moderator!

Hey Viewers!
Today we have chosen a new moderator!
He's name is "Qwerty54".
We hope that he will always be active and a good moderator.
Thank You!

~Posted by ClubCPcheats Team

Furniture Adder Putting into site!

Hey Viewers!
Our Poll is now closed today, and the voters and us decided to have a Furniture Adder into our site!!

It may take 1 hour to put it on our site so keep reloading our site and check it many times...

Are you excited? Go to the comments section :)

~Posted by Chillax & Gary Rookie

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Site Upgraded!

Site successfully upgraded!
We have now fully upgraded our site.

Now we need to activate our cheats since it is not working/active since we are upgrading our site :)
We are sure that the cheats will be active on April 2,2013 at 3:00 PM (California Time)